Visit the Washington outdoors this weekend

The best parks in Washington

With fall weather in full swing, this is a perfect time to get outside and enjoy some of the amazing natural wonders that Washington State has to offer. Here are our top three picks for the best parks in Washington.

Deception Pass

With an unparalleled view of Puget Sound from the high bridge, to the hiking trails that wind through the forest and down to the beach, Deception Pass is a great way to get out of the city and do some sightseeing on a weekend afternoon.

Olympic National Park

This incredible park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and encompasses thousands of acres of old growth forest, pristine temperate rain forest, and mountain peaks.  Now is a great time of year to visit Olympic National Park – the later in the year it is, the more likely you will get soaked by the rain that feeds those magnificent trees.

Riverfront Park

Spokane boasts one of the nicest urban parks in Washington, with miles of paths that wind along the river, a chain of greenspace, picnic spots, and some remaining buildings from Expo ’74, when the park was built.

Image courtesy Flickr/Jack Taliji